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Sunny Massandra

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Sunny Massandra
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Kč: 275000 eur: 11000

  The name of this wine comes from the geographical name of the tree covered island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean. During the course of five centuries if its history, Madeira's wine has become world -recognized and remarkable aperitif wine as well as a fine tonic.

  Sunny Massandra is considered to be "twice born in the sun" - first in grape clusters and then - matured in casks, left in the sun on ullage to develop the full maderisation that makes these wine so distinctive - ia a marvellous wine. It is widely known for its spicy astringency and soft vanilla-brandy notes on a noble palate. 

   Sunny Massandra is highly appreciated as one of the best wines in the world. By its quality it is recognized equal in style and quality to the best of examples from Madeira itself. Yet Sunny Massandra still has its own features and characteristics which differentiate it from the original Portuguese wine. It is deeper and reacher in its golden amber colour. Its bouquet is brighter and more delicate. It has more distinctive fullness and richness of palate. The intensity and typicity of these characteristics places Sunny Massandra amongst the great classic wines of the world.