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Livadia White Muscat

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Livadia White Muscat
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  It is one of the most unique best brand liqueur wines.

  Magnificent high quality brand of Livadia White Muscat was first made at Massandra in 1892 by wine-maker Keller A.V. The White Muscat grape variety grows on the slate slopes of the Crimean Mountains all along from the resort settlement of Foros to the village of Nikita . Grape is harvested as late as possible, when they become shrivelled, raisined and grape sugar content is not less than 33%. The young wine is aged in oak casks in cellars for two years, until it has 27% sugar level, alcohol – 13%.

  The colour of wine is very beautiful and impresses by its diversity from honey golden to dark amber colour. Bouquet is bright and varietal, with fine honey aroma of the Alpine valleys. Palate is full, oily, harmonious.

  In the International Competitions Livadia White Muscat has been awarded with two gold and one silver medals and 2 Super Grand Prix cups.