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Massandra Pinot-Gris

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Massandra Pinot-Gris
Massandra Pinot-Gris-1
Kč: 22000 eur: 880

Massandra produces three chateau dessert wines from the Pinot of Gris grape variety, known for its especially high sugar content on the South Coast of Crimea. Massandra Pinot-Gris is produced since 1888. The grapes are harvested when the natural sugar content has reached no less than 22 %. The young wine is aged in oak barrels and cellars for two years.

  Colour varies from light to dark - golden with a pinky gleam. An attractively deep rich bouquet with aging flavor. Full, delicate, well-balanced palate. Sugar level - 16 %, alcohol - 16 %. A very pleasant impression of the wine that make your heart warm and your soul enjoying.