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South Coast Red Krymwein

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South Coast Red Krymwein
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  South Coast Red Krymwein has been produced since 1944. The wines of similar tasting notes Alushta Red Port and Tavrida Red Port had been produced previously. The wine is made from the best red grape varieties of Malbeck, Morastel, Bastardo, that grow on the mountainous slopes from the settlement of Simeiz to Mount Castel. The grapes are harvested when the natural grape sugar content has reached no less than 22 %. After, the young wine is ageing in oak casks in cool cellars for 3 years. The resultant wine has sugar level - 11 %, alcohol - 18 %.

  Due to grape varieties wine has intensive deep ruby colour and spicy – fruity bouquet with touch of prunes, black currant and cherry. The palate is full harmonious velvety tannin with delicate tinge of ripe fruit and pleasant bitterness of almond in its long aftertaste.

 This wine's high quality has been recognized at the international wine competitions by a Grand Prix Cup, four gold and four silver medals.

  Marvelous aftertaste that could be followed by light hors-d'oeuvres like cheese or any other of this kind.