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Ayu-Dag Aleatico

Catalogue Wine Dessert

Ayu-Dag Aleatico
Ayu-Dag Aleatico-1 Ayu-Dag Aleatico-2 Ayu-Dag Aleatico-3
Kč: 19900 eur: 800
dessert wine
Content of alcohol
16 % vol.
Sugar content
18.0 %
bouquet is spicy with tones of vanilla chocolate. The palate is refined, delicate and well balanced.

   Ayu-Dag Aleatico (the old name “Parthenite Aleatico”) is the most delicate red wine, made by Massandra since 1892 from the Aleatico grape variety. The wine of the Italian origin displayed its secret features under influence of soil and climatic conditions of the South Coast Crimea. It is a fine material for production of incomparable wine. Tha grape is harvested when natural sugar content is no less than 24 %. After two years ageing in oak casks in mountainous tunnels at the constant cool temperature. The resultant wine has sugar level – 18 %, alcohol – 16 %.

  The wine has fascinating purple-golden colour. Delicate, original bouquet, suggesting rose petal and Muscat aroma. Soft, velvety palate with tinges of cacao and prune. Long -term bottle ageing makes its tasting note even more distinctive.

  Internationally honored with five gold and one silver medals.