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Massandra White Muscat

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Massandra White Muscat
Massandra White Muscat-1
Kč: 19900 eur: 815

  Brightly pronounced varietal Muscat nose you can find in the bouquet of this wine. The palate is soft, harmonious, delicate, with a fine flower-honey flavor.

 Massandra White Muscat made from the White Muscat grape variety, grows in all Massandra state farms since 1981. A vintage is harvested from the central plots of the Massandra vineyards, saturated with daytime hot sunny rays and night soft warmth of slate soils. It  accumulates a great quantity of sugar and is harvested when natural sugar content is no less than 20 % .  The wine is aged in oak casks and cool cellars for a period of two years and comes to consumers with sugar level 16 % and alcohol 16 %.

  The resultant wine is of various colours - from light amber to deep chrome yellow. Well pronounced classical Muscat nose and intense well-balanced palate.

    At the Crimea Wine - 96 Massandra White Muscat was awarded one gold medal and First Grand Diploma.