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Surozh Kokour Dessert

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Surozh Kokour Dessert
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Surozh Kokour Dessert is an exclusive wine of Massandra. It is made of the old grape variety White Kokour, which came to Crimea together with ancient Greek colonists from the island of Kerkira (Korfu). It has been growing in the vicinity of Soudak since 1945 and used for production of Surozh Kokour Dessert wine.This grape variety is able to accumulate an exceptional high natural sugar level in the seaside valleys, open to the sun.

  Harvested when sugar content is 22 % or more. After two years of ageing in oak casks, the resultant wine has sugar level - 16 %, alcohol - 16 % vol. Amber colour with golden gleam. Fine, delicate bouquet with flowery spicy - honeyed tinges. Full, soft, well balanced palate.

  Internationally awarded five gold and two silver medals. It is very unusual, charming wine that matches cakes, sweets and cookies.