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Catalogue Wine Sherry

Oreanda-1 Oreanda-2
Kč: 19900 eur: 800

  It is bright, elegant wine with complex and piquant bouquet and long aftertaste. It is high quality vintage fortified white wine which had been producing since 1944 from Sercial, Verdelho and Albillo grape varieties from the vineyards of the Crimean South Coast.

  At the beginning of the 20-th century well-known Crimean winemakers studied the nature of Spanish sherry and developed sherry-making techniques in local conditions. Nowadays Oreanda is still produced in the cellars in the village of Oreanda in the vicinity of Yalta which were once owned by Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov. The young wine is matured in cask under the Sherry yeast “floor” for a period at least a year, resulting in accumulation of aldehydes and acetalli that give the wine a typical flavor and palate. Later the wine is warmed in cask of a “sun house” for half a year and then is matured in cool cellars. The process of fermentation and maturing lasts at least for four years. 

  The wine is of intensive golden amber colour. The bouquet is bright, fine with peculiar complex touch of nuts and brandy. Characteristic slightly salty palate is full, harmonious with pleasant touch of deep roasted nuts and bitter almonds and rich long finish.

  An outstanding wine. It is the best partner for a friendly date, party, gala reception, without full table service. Oreanda matches hors-d'oeurve, olives, vegetable salads slices of bread and butter.

  At many international contests the remarkably outstanding quality of the Oreanda has been duly marked . This wine is awarded eleven gold and two silver medals and one Grand Prix Cup.