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Red Stone White Muscat

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Red Stone White Muscat
Red Stone White Muscat-1 Red Stone White Muscat-2
Kč: 59900 eur: 2400

  This refined wine was called King of Muscat wines. Well-deservedly famous, at international contests this wine has awarded Super Grand Prix, three Grand Prix cups, twenty two gold medals. 

   Red Stone White Muscat is produced from the White Muscat grape variety, growing in the sunlit vineyards around Red Stone Rock above the resort of Gurzuf. The grapes are harvested when natural sugar content has reached no less than 29 %. For two years young wine is aged in oak casks in the Massandra cellars. The resultant wine has sugar level - 23 %, alcohol - 13 %.

   Fascinating light amber colour with a unique delicate bouquet, full of classical Muscat aroma. It has inhaled a charm of the south, heat of Red Rock, honey tinges of mountainous flowers and grass, flavor of orange crisp. Light citron makes palate especially delicate and soft. After long term bottle ageing the wine becomes noble with an outstanding bouquet of old wine. An unusual, tremendous impression, unforgettable experience! There are no words to depict this wine, the only way to learn about it is to taste!