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Muscat Dessert Rose

Catalogue Wine Liqueur

Muscat Dessert Rose
Muscat Dessert Rose-1 Muscat Dessert Rose-2 Muscat Dessert Rose-3
Kč: 35900 eur: 1440
dessert wine
Content of alcohol
13.0 % vol.
Sugar content
23.0 %
bouquet is bright, Muscat varietal with the touch of tea rose. Palate is full, harmonious, oily with exceptionally pleasant finish.

   It is liqueur wine, made from the Rose Muscat grape variety, growing on sunlit terraces of the mountainous slopes from Foros to Mount Castel since 1945. The grapes are harvested when sugar content has reached no less than 29 %. For two years young wine is aged in oak barrels in cool tunnels. The resultant wine has sugar level - 23 %, alcohol 13 %.

    It is a wine of beautiful rosy colour. Fine, mouth-filling Muscat bouquet with tea-rose hints. Full, powerful, oily palate, more expressed after ling bottle aging. The wine will impart lustre and noble style to any home bar even that of a prim house. Ideal on its own, but also excellent with fruits and desserts.

   Internationally awarded six gold medals.