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Alushta Rose Krymwein

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Alushta Rose Krymwein
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Kč: 9900 eur: 400
fortified rose wine
Content of alcohol
17.0 % vol.
Sugar content
6.0 %
bouquet is fruity and harmonious. Palate is mild and pleasantly full.

   It is fortified rose grape wine, which is produced only by the Massandra Amalgamation wineries from the European wine grape varieties. Colour of wine varies from rose to dark rose. Bouquet is fruity and harmonious. Palate is mild and pleasantly full.

  The resultant wine - Alushta Rose Krymwein has sugar level 6 % and alcohol 17 %. Such combination of alcohol and sugar favors aftertaste and makes port fine, joyful and encouraging. The wine-making technique of Massandra differs from traditional methods, that is why massandra port are considered to be one of the best of the world.

   Alushta Rose Krymwein is the best prolongation of a dinner as it is usually served after meals as a dessert or at gala receptions, parties, and meetings. And it is great when you are cold; it makes you feel warm and comfortable due to vitamins, microelements and other biological active substances.