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Massandra Black Muscat

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Massandra Black Muscat
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  High quality vintage dessert red grape wine is produced only by the Massandra Amalgamation wineries from the Black Muscat Grape variety. Grape Black Muscat was brought to the Crimea in the first half of the 19-th century and became known under the name of Muscat Kallyaba. It is harvested when the sugar content of the wine grapes reaches no less than 30%.The period of ageing in oak barrels is 2 years.Wine making recipe of this dessert wine was developed by wine-maker and scientist Okhremenko S.F. at the end of the 19-th century.

  The wine distinguishes itself with its strikingly bright juicy ruby-garnet colour, smartly sparkled in a glass with various soft glints of ruby and beautiful precious crystal colour.The bouquet impresses everyone by its variety and complexity, with a beautiful harmony of a Muscat nose, light flavors of chocolate, cocoa, prunes and spicy aroma of chamomile. The colour and bouquet are going on in the palate of the wine – full, rounded, soft, charming, with gentle overtones of Muscat, chamomile and spicy flavors of chocolate, cocoa, coffee, prunes. The palate gives an impression of length and intensity, extractiveness, velvet and is replenished with a fine aftertaste.