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Alushta Dry Red

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Alushta Dry Red
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Alushta Dry Red was firstly created in 1937 and is still being produced. To made this wine the Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, Morastel grape varieties are used that grows on the south slopes of Mounts Chatyr Dag and Demerdgi near resort city of Alushta. 

    A vintage is harvested when grape natural sugar content has reached 18-22%. For two years young wine ia aged in oak casks and cool cellars till alcohol content is somewhat between 10-13 degrees and sugar level of 0,3%. The wine of cherry colour has a complex bouquet with morocco tinges, flavor of violet, mignonette and vine in blossom. Soft, fine palate features delicate, piquant nature. After long year aging the bouquet becomes even more complex, brighter and richer.

     At the international contests the wine has been awarded three gold and one silver medals.

   Alushta Dry Red is a nice match to various meat dishes, like kaurma, shashlyk, khanakhi. No picnic could be a success without it. The wine is also beneficial and curative, especially for digestive system and keeps from intestinal infection.