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Sunny Massandra

Catalogue Wine Madeira

Sunny Massandra
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Kč: 22000 eur: 880
fortified white wine
Content of alcohol
19.5 % vol.
Sugar content
3.0 %
it is flavored with spicy acerbity and gentle vanilla cognac tones which mark its noble palate.

  Sunny Massandra is produced since 1892 from Sercial, Verdelho, and Crimean Albillo grape varieties grown on the slate soils of the southern slopes of the Crimean mountains. Grape is harvested when the natural grape sugar content reaches no less than 20%.

  The young wine is aged for five years in half-full oak barrels under the blazing sun and acquires, thus, its unique character. During many years wine ageing in the open air, naturally lose nearly 40% of its volume. The resultant wine is strong, alcohol level – 19,5%, sugar – 3%. Sunny Massandra keeps more energy of the sun than any other wine. It can be considered a twice born wine: first, when it is made from the grape that has saturated the sun rays, second – while maturing in half full casks left in the sun.

  The wine is of bright, golden colour which plays in a glass. The bouquet is bright, mature and rich with spicy touch of deep roasted hazel nuts and almonds. Palate is harmonious, pleasantly bitter, brandy-vanilla with pleasant almond hazel nuts bitterness in its long noble finish.

  Sunny is the best and and most elegant aperitif, exeptional to some extent. It is served before meals and goes nicely with various hors-doeuvres except some spicy ones and salty fish dishes, as they change aftertaste of the wine.

  For its highly enjoyable taste Sunny Massandra has awarded ten gold and five silver medals at international contests.